Essential Information about Perldoc

By | February 18, 2009

Perl comes with documentation as standard, including a complete set of manual pages that can
be accessed with the perldoc program,

use the command line for view Perl Man Pages

[sivkumar@PerlTidings sivkumar] perldoc perl
return a list of the (many) standard Perl manual pages available as part of every Perl installation

The perldoc command can also return information on specific Perl modules

[sivkumar@VersionTech sivkumar]perldoc CGI
[sivkumar@VersionTech sivkumar]perldoc DBI

Type perldoc perldoc for information on using perldoc itself, and perldoc -h for a brief summary of options.

Function in the perlfunc page

[sivkumar@VersionTech sivkumar] perldoc -f funcname
# look up a function in the perlfunc page

perldoc -f split
perldoc -f sort


Display source code file

[sivkumar@VersionTech sivkumar] perldoc -m module # display source code file

perldoc -m CGI
perldoc -m DBI

perlfaq documentation

[sivkumar@VersionTech sivkumar] perldoc -q pattern # search the perlfaq documentation

Insensitive lookup

[sivkumar@VersionTech sivkumar] perldoc -i [options] # do a case insensitive lookup or search

perldoc -i cgi

perldoc -i Cgi


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