Month: June 2014

Autocompletition in Padre, the Perl IDE v0.87 Padre, the perl editor provides a configurable way to autocomplete while you are typing. This video [...]

A Productivity Enhancing Perl Environment Over the last couple of years I have been spending almost all of my working time actually coding Perl. [...]

A Date with Perl Dates and times are confusing and crazy. What nut invented Daylight Saving Time? Someone who'd never imagined a [...]

AnyEvent in Perl

In this talk, how to use it in Perl using [...]

Perl Platform as a Service Shootout

Perl Platform as a Service talk at YAPC::NA [...]

Perl – Template Tool Kit

The Template Toolkit is a template processing system used to create Data Output Files. It is a open source software and runs on all modern stable operating [...]