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Finding html tag

Table Expression        =>    “<table[^>]*>(.*?)” Header Expression     =>    “ <th[^>]*>(.*?)” Row Expression          =>    “<tr[^>]*>(.*?)” Column Expression    =>    “ <td[^>]*>(.*?)” Finding HTML tag          =>    “s]+))?)+s*|s*)/?>”

Sort-command alphanumeric

Sort-command alphanumeric If they all actually begin with “page$” echo “page$1 page$20 page$2 page$10” | sort -k1.5n Answer : page$1 page$2 page$10 page$20 sort -k1.5n -k to set the key 1.5 means that the 5th character of the 1st field is the start of the sort field n means that this field is to be… Read More »