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Use of pragma strict.

Use the pragma strict tells the compiler to generate three types of errors An error for any variables used before it was declared An error if your code uses symbolic references An error if your code uses bare words

How to turn on Perl warnings? Why is that important?

Perl is very forgiving of strange and sometimes wrong code, which can mean hours spent searching for bugs and weird results. Turning on warnings helps uncover common mistakes and strange places and save a lot of debugging time in the long run. There are various ways of turning on Perl warnings: For Perl one-liner, use… Read More »

Essential Information about Perldoc

Perl comes with documentation as standard, including a complete set of manual pages that can be accessed with the perldoc program, use the command line for view Perl Man Pages [sivkumar@PerlTidings sivkumar] perldoc perl return a list of the (many) standard Perl manual pages available as part of every Perl installation The perldoc command can… Read More »

Dos To Unix

perl -pi -e ‘s/rn/n/;’ #!/usr/bin/perl -pis/rn/n/;