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Return all monday between two dates – using Oracle sql

Return all Monday between two dates – using Oracle sql Query select to_date (’2012-12-30′, ‘yyyy-mm-dd’) + (level – 1) as Date from dual where to_char(to_date(’2012-12-30′, ‘yyyy-mm-dd’) + level – 1, ‘DY’) = ‘MON’ connect by level <= ceil( (to_date(’04-Jan-2014′,’dd-mon-yyyy’) – to_date(’30-dec-2012′,’dd-mon-yyyy’))+1 ) order by Date ; For Example if my start date is 01/01/2013 and… Read More »

Meaning of i and g in Oracle 9i & 10g

The i in oracle 8i and 9i stands for INTERNET and the g in 10g and 11g stands for GRID bcz from 10g onwards oracle supports grid architecture.   The “i” and “g” Versions Starting in 1999 with Version 8i, Oracle added the “i” to the version name to reflect support for the Internet with… Read More »