The Long Death Of CGI.Pm

Refer From : has been removed from the core Perl distribution. From 5.22, it is no longer included in a standard Perl installation. There are good technical reasons for this. CGI is a dying technology. In 2015, there are far better ways to write web applications in Perl. We don’t want to be… Read More »

More Awesome Things You’ve Missed in Perl

Paul Fenwick explains Moose, autobox, autodie, Try::Tiny, cpanm, local::lib, MetaCPAN, named capture, grammars, Regexp::Grammars, Dancer, automating Minsweeper, PAR, Devel::NYTProf that provides profiles on subroutine, block and line level, Perl::Critic.

A Date with Perl

Dates and times are confusing and crazy. What nut invented Daylight Saving Time? Someone who’d never imagined a computer, that’s who! Dealing with dates and times might seem simple at first, but there’s a lot of gotchas. This talk will start by covering some concepts worth knowing about (What is an Olson timezone? What’s the… Read More »